Maintenance and repair off your Porsche

  • The Porsche cup experience Workshop is not only the result of years of experience in the domain of automobile development and years of experience in racing sport, but especially the byproduct of a life's passion for Porsche.

    Excellence is the watchword of the racing development company; Porsche Cup Experience Workshop.

    Competitive at the national and international level, we engage ourselves to furnish the best quality services with the help of cutting edge technology tools. This allows us to constantly evolves the motors, frames, gearbox as well as alleviating the structure's weight and improving the security of your Porsche

    In permanent development on new technologies and in close collaboration with Porsche and our clients, we give our best to reach maximum performances. Indeed, thanks to excellent results we always improving 

    We welcome you in our Porsche specialized workshop, from 356 to 911/964/993/996/997/99  and specialised in 964/993/996/997/991 Cup Cars.

  • We are the specialist in the modification of all kind of race or road Porsche.

    Our personal experience in racing and our work allowed us to make numerous success in several championship during these last years.

    We can provide you a complete car or the installation and assembly of certain pieces such as: complete engine, gearbox, alleviated wheel, increase of the engine capacity, cylinder head, casing, Connecting rods carillo etc...

    In our "Preparation" entry, you can find various kind of possible modifications for road and competition: slalom, Coast Race, Circuit, Historic rally.

  • Performance help
  • Maintenance and reparation off your privat cars
  • Always best price
  • Service to perfection !
  • Settings chassis , running gear and suspensions
  • Brakes
  • Revision engine 
  • Revision gearbox
  • Body repair

Service n°1

engine revision

Service n°2

gearbox revision

Service n°3

maintenance off your race car

Service n°4

brake service

Service n°5

suspension settings

Service n°6

body repair